Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We Southerners are trained to be courteous at ALL COST!  NEVER hurt some one's feelings---always turn a positive spin on any comment you make to another.  "Do you like my dress?"  'Why yes, it is really unusual---stands out in the crowd.' (Translation-there's not another dress here as ugly as yours)   "Your hair looks great---I would have never thought of that style myself." (Translation---WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!) "Why your baby---looks just like his granddaddy!" (Translation---he looks like an old man)  We just can't seem to either avoid a comment---or just not make a comment!

I am struggling with "Truth Telling" to those that God is putting in my path.  Here is one truth I discussed with a friend this morning----Do NOT complain about your spouse!  You have a spouse---they are with you---they have not left you!  If things are not good---then tell me what you are doing to make them better.  If you don't have anything in common---what are you doing to find something that you do have in common?  You certainly have your children--in most cases---grandchildren--in some cases.  There was SOMETHING there that attracted you---so that you wanted to marry this person---CORRECT?  

NO relationship is "Easy Street"---because we are ALL placing ourselves on the throne and NOT giving self-lessly.  What was the Christian movie about marriage---"Fireproof" or something like that.  Have you tried--even for a few days to put the other always first--no matter the response?  What are YOU doing to make your marriage better?

Here is my "Truth" for today----IT IS DIFFICULT TO BE ALONE!  We are created---read Genesis---to be in a relationship---starting with our spouse--then our children---and on and on.  As a friend told me this weekend--without another---we are not-balanced.  THAT IS TRUTH!

So I am working on telling my sweet friends and loved ones--truth---even when it may be painful and not what they want to hear.  We all---ME INCLUDED---need truth!

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Hannah Lee said...

I love your truth. Life is tough. And you can't always paint a pretty picture with rainbows and unicorns. For me, real, is beautiful. Keeping speaking it friend!