Sunday, May 6, 2012


My cross training efforts on the bicycle have been---An Adventure---or better yet a challenge!

For those that have the good sense to stay off a bike----let me explain to you my problem.  In an effort to get ALL your muscles working---they have clips on bicycles----It's not like the good old days when you had a pedal and you pushed that pedal down and got to have a breather while that foot was pushed up as the other foot pushed down.  OH NO---to enable you to get that maximum push--you need maximum effort---SO they have these clippy things for pedals---and on your shoe---well they have this vise that clips into that clippy thing.  It PERMANENTLY connects your foot to the bicycle---AS IN YOU CAN NOT GET YOUR FOOT OFF THE PEDAL!  NOW---in fairness---no one in the group that I ride with seems to have any problem---BUT ME!  The reasoning behind this is not only do you push down, but you pull up when biking---more energy---FASTER!

I can't seem to get my shoe clip off the pedal clip----so picture this-----I am trying to stop---I DO have the good sense to be slowing,   but as the bike gets slower---the balance gets harder---and THEN the moment comes when with no sustainable forward motion---the bike begins a tilt to the side---I'M CLIPPED IN------PUTTING MY HAND OUT IS ALL THAT I CAN DO TO BREAK THE FALL!

So last week on our tour of the Natchez Trace, I am coming up to the rest stop at the half way point---I realize--my foot is NOT coming out---I am slowing and spot a truck parked on the side of the road---great--I will just ease up to it--put my hand out when I get beside it and balance until I can get off.  The knot that is STILL on my elbow from the ensuing fall is still quite tender.

Then there is NO other way back but on the bike---so I saddle up again---and CLIP IN----Made it all the way back to town---but in an effort to be smart as soon as I smell the first glimmer of city traffic---I manage to get one of my feet out of the clip---(The other has NEVER come out without HUGE effort).  I bike ALL through town with that one foot out---run several stop signs and red lights---always slowing and looking for traffic--but keeping going.  I get to the finish line--think OK---I've got one foot out---I can stop.   Turns out the foot is numb and OVER I go again.  I am just a natural born KLUTZ.  

So basically---I LOVE BIKING---but I need to stay on FOREVER once I saddle up.  Clipping in is closely akin to strapping your hand on the harness that is around the bucking bull.  Well at least the bike does not continue to try to gore me!


Anonymous said...

You should be able to loosen the pedals so that you can get out of them more easily. Your local bike shop should be able to help you with that.

Hannah Lee said...

I am NOT a fan of clipping in either. You are not alone...