Thursday, January 6, 2011

WHO AM I?????

I may be losing it---wait-the dryer just cut off---I will be back---This seems to be the theme of my life right now---I have LOTS going on. This causes stress--even though I don't really recognize it as stress. Stress produces CRAZY! I find myself totally out of character and doing things I would NEVER usually do.

Example----and this is a DANGEROUS one---I emailed BC an option trade yesterday and told him just the opposite of what I wanted to do---DANGEROUS & EXPENSIVE. Thank goodness he was functioning as my broker and called and asked what I meant to do. I immediately KNEW what I had done!

Later the same day--I am cleaning out & organizing our house and plan to have a large garage sale of 40 years of accumulation---even when you are not a pack rat---it piles up. I have rented a storage unit to accumulate things in as I declutter our house. I took a load-put it in the unit and went to run the next of a long list of errands. As I was driving off from my second errand, it occurred to me that I had not closed the door much less locked the storage unit. LONG story short---I had to buy another lock.

Today as I was leaving from CSE and tutoring, it occurred to me that I had forgotten Nannie's dental appointment. The Nursing Home called yesterday as I was doing my last minute review for teaching our Small Group Bible Study and reminded me to tell BC of the appointment. Thankfully the NH took her and the dental staff are familiar with her---but I forgot to tell BC and he forgot also even after the dentist called to remind him yesterday.

I AM ON OVERLOAD! This produces stress and the applicable hormones that go with it. If I should disappear---see if you can figure out what was on my list of "To Dos" and then head in the direction that I was going and just keep on driving until you find me. I may have gone over the edge!

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SND said...

It is all the eggnog that you have been drinking!! lol!!