Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My book club met last night to review our latest read. If you remember, I was whining last week about having to read the book in a few short days! Actually got it done and quite enjoyed the book. It takes a little to get going------but stick with it----great read. The most amazing thing I found about the book was that the original author became sick and her niece finished the book for her. NOW THINK ABOUT THAT--you not only have to finish the book--another's "Baby"---BUT you need to find their voice to finish it correctly. It would reek of disharmony if you did not find their "voice".

The book is based upon historical fact---so that made it very interesting. Our hostess served us Baked Potatoes for dinner in honor of the book's name. I am happy to report that she did not attempt the Potato Peel Pie. My good manners might have fled had I been served that!

The night was full of discussion and getting to know new friends better as we sat by the fire and talked over the book. One wonderful finding was that one of our member's mother was in France during the occupation and had much information to give us. Since the book is based upon the German occupation of Guernsey Island-this added a wonderful "eye-witness" account.

Good read---easy read---highly recommend. Came home and ordered 4 new books based upon the evening's discussion. NOW WHEN AM I GOING TO HAVE TIME TO READ THEM?????? Perhaps during the 3rd + replaying of Fox News in the evening.

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