Saturday, September 29, 2012


The kids and I have all agreed that I will move to Texas.  The question is when is the right time.  They say move now---my wise confidant say moves now---I just can't seem to make a decision.

At this time, I am young enough--active enough---in good enough health that I could move and start over.  It's just a daunting thought!  It was difficult enough to move a mile down the road--can't imagine moving all those miles.

I know Ruston---I have friends in Ruston--I know where to go--where to live--it's like my friend's really old housecoat that is in tatters---she knows how it is going to feel when she slips it on and is very comfortable in it and doesn't want to make a change with a new one.  

Recent happenings have me questioning when is the time right.  Our small group of MANY years has disbanded.  I knew these friends and they knew me--we shared struggles-deaths-divorces-marriages-births---life.  We spoke of deep theological mysteries and shared struggles in our walks with Christ.  It has been a huge blow and deeply saddens me.

My running group has dwindled down to an occasional run between a few of us.  This morning---always the biggest run of the week--there were 5 of us---which is a huge group these days.  I didn't run Thursday---I didn't have anyone to run with.

My work has dwindled down to one day a week.  I have filled the idle hours with volunteer work--but the income was helping put away money for retirement.  Perhaps it is time to go to work for someone full time and why not make that change in Texas.

On the other side of the coin---I LOVE Texas---BUT I have been looking at houses online and comparing living costs.  I can actually buy more house in Texas than I have here-BUT the property taxes are 5 times more.  There also seems to be HOA dues in many of the areas.  I have not gone much deeper yet--but know the utilities are higher too.  It has to be one of the least expensive places in the country to live in Ruston.

I like my church--I am working with the 3 year olds---working with the school ministry.  I would have to find a new church--and start all over.  You can't just walk into a school in a large town and volunteer--they have to do background checks.  

BASICALLY---it is NOT a small town where we know or know of most of our fellow citizens.  It is a big world--where you have to find your way.

LOVE my kids---and KNOW there will come a day when I will need assistance-it is NOT fair to expect them to take care of me in Ruston while they all live in Texas.  I am NOT going to do that and hope to make myself as non-intrusive as possible.

The question remains---When is the time right?


Gina D. Jones said...

In MY opinion I think you're ready. I've discovered that God stirs up a spirit of discontent in us when he's ready to move us. It sounds like you are experiencing that with your current's time for a brave next step! The good news is, whenever you take that first step, you can trust that God has already gone before you and prepared the way...just walk in it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree do it now. My mother in law was in a similar situation a few years ago and it has turn out nicely. She has built a new life for herself near where my husband and I and the grandchildren live and it has been for the best! Just be sure to find the right size house and area.

Anonymous said...

What about a new way of thinking about it and go try it for 90 days. Rent a place, go to church, look for a job (if you really need to work, or if you need the diversion) try out the shopping and alternate between your kids every few weeks and just see... What do you think?