Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Been here-----
Back Here------
Headed out to enjoy the warmth and get my hands in the dirt. MORE LATER about the "Trip to the Mountains". IT WAS GREAT!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Life can be difficult---extremely difficult! Things do not go as we planned---things do not work out. It can be devastating!

I have finally come to the point that I realize---with God on my side and if I stay within His will for me and continually pursue Him-EVERYTHING will work out. When you finally cross that bridge--release control---SUBMIT to His will---and TRUST HIM through faith---it is a HUGE release! HE IS FAITHFUL! HE WILL SUSTAIN US and we are His Beloved. It is such a comfort to know that no matter what life hands you---you are in the palm of HIS hand! Praise Him!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


As I sat in the den early this AM, I kept hearing all of this noise. I thought SURELY those squirrels aren't up already---it will be dark for another hour or more. The noise continued---so I thought---PERHAPS I caught a squirrel late last evening and didn't notice it (HIGHLY UNLIKELY!). I turned on the deck light and who is looking at me but ----MR. RACCOON! He has his long slender claw/fingers/hands out of the caged scratching at the deck trying to figure out how to get out. I felt bad for the fellow--BUT---first things first--it is time for a run. I put the towel over the cage like I do with the squirrels so he would be calm until I got home.

When I got home, this is what I discovered---

He had pulled the towel into the cage and covered his face with it. You know sort of like an ostrich---if he can't see us then we must not see him.

It is not easy to trip the cage door and takes some maneuvering. I have it down to a fine science with the squirrels. I leave the towel on their part of the cage and aim the door away from me. When I pull up the trap door----they are OFF to the races. It is a little different with a coon. For one thing--he is so big that he fills the cage up. I get inside the house and put the cage right outside the door. I then work on releasing him with my hands through the crack in the sliding deck door. It is quite the fiasco! FINALLY BC comes to the rescue and figures out how to prop the trap door open. Mr. Coon was still hiding his head and would not come out! It seems that BC gets a LITTLE irritated with me when I am playing "Great White Trapper". He enjoys and laughs about how many squirrels I have caught and taken off---but he does not like to see how I release them. He thinks I am not cautious. SO FAR----I remind you I have NEVER been bitten or scratched. The trick is to not ask for or need help. That's when I get the scolding!

NOTE TO SELF------don't leave the trap set at night----might be one of my black /white striped buddies in there one day---NOW THAT WOULD BE A MESS!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


My Master Gardener called me at the end of last week to tell me to cover my plants that we would be getting a freeze. She always begins the conversation with "How is your garden growing?" I was happy to report it was looking great after a not so pretty winter due to severe and harsh winter. GLOBAL WARMING? Oh yes, I forgot the proponents of Global Warming say the cold is due to global warming---HUH????? I had actually worked on a couple of pots and bought a couple of hanging baskets to satisfy my green thumb needs which came with the warm temperatures. I KNOW we usually have a cold snap and maybe a freeze around Easter---so waiting for the soil to warm up before planting my annuals. I listened to her advice and filed it in the back of my hard drive.
This AM the phone rings early as I am getting ready for early church greeting. It is friend, Larry---"It's snowing!" I look out the window--it may be snowing in Ruston, but three miles north in Vienna---there is little sign of flakes. Before we leave though the big flakes are falling thick and continue to fall until late morning.
IT IS THE SECOND DAY OF SPRING!!! Time for sunshine, green leaves and grass, blooming trees and azaleas, flower planting-------WARMTH! Somebody needs to take Mother Nature a copy of the calendar---she seems confused!

Friday, March 19, 2010


I have a PRECIOUS student, Jessica, that I tutor 3 times a week at the school our church adopted. She is PURE joy! Jessica is having problems in school and I am working with her on her reading and English. Jessica was born in Mexico, but has been in the states long enough that she speaks English with no problem. There is a problem with reading. The fact that her parents speak Spanish leaves her with no resource---thus enters Christ Community Church.

The "learning journey" has been for both of us. It has been a LONG time since I helped my own children. We did faithfully work every night on their school assignments and ALWAYS read. The snag then and now with Jessica is that I did not learn to read phonetically. Back in the "OLD DAYS", we were taught to read mainly by memorization. So I have to go back and relearn the rules to teach her the correct way to sound out words. The consonants are no problem-even the blends. The problem comes with teaching ALL the vowel sounds as well as vowel blends sounds. I have resorted to borrowing a book from a first grade teacher to go back to the basics. IT IS NOT EASY FOR AN OLD DOG TO LEARN OR RELEARN A NEW TRICK! I am DETERMINED and for those that know me---they all feel sorry for Jessica. I will NOT give up until she is reading fluently and on grade level! Perhaps then she can teach me Spanish!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


There was a discrepancy between my GPS time and the official marathon time of about 30 seconds. I was puzzled until I saw this picture that Helen sent last night. What you can't see is another computer pad just behind me. I pushed the time stop on the GPS when I crossed that line and should have then been a few seconds to the end. If you look closely, you will see I have my finger pointed and I am looking to my left. There was a disc jockey announcing our names and home towns as we crossed the finish line. He mispronounced Conville and I slowed, looked at him and gave him instructions about how to pronounce it. My finger pointing is well know by all that know me well. It is used extensively as I give orders!
At LEAST I didn't have an incident like one of the male runners. There are port-a-potties every two miles along the route. A necessity until your kidneys quit working--that will be another post-another day. It seems one of the male runners made a stop and while inside the port a potty and "down" developed a severe cramp and could not get up. He stayed there an hour before anyone heard him. NOW THAT IS THE END OF THE MARATHON STORIES!
Oh yes---one other thing----The side of the port a potty had a sign that said

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


About this time of the year, we ALL seem to want to claim Irish roots. WHY--perhaps because the Irish are such colorful people---perhaps they seem to have tons of fun---surely not because of the oppression they lived under or the dire hardships they suffered over the centuries.
Anyway----Momma was a "Genealogy NUT"---I think she was always searching for the royalty that she was convinced she came from. She certainly always wanted to be treated like the "Queen". Due to her diligence, I knew her Daddy's side of the tree had Scot-Irish ancestors---The McPherson Clan to be exact. The Scots migrated to Ireland LONG ago due to oppression and to become affluent landowners in the beautiful Irish countryside.
BC-was convinced that his ancestors came from Ireland---the O'Convilles. We took a trip to Ireland in '01 to see the home of his ancestors. One of our guides was a "True Irishman" and seemed to know the genealogical details of EVERY TRUE Irish family. He could have given the Israelites a run for their money when it came to reciting family lines! When BC proudly told him of his Irish roots, the man instantly shot him down and snarled your clan is "Scot-Irish". You would have thought they had some disease that ran through the family! MY ARE THOSE IRISH SNOBBISH ABOUT THEIR LINEAGE!
So in honor of St Patty's Day---and to all that may legitimately claim green blood--
but heed my warning---you better have the pedigree and papers when making the claim to any "TRUE IRISHMAN"!

Monday, March 15, 2010


I am sure you all have read our news. # 4 is in the incubator! WOW! I have been on this emotional roller coaster with Camille from the first. I couldn't stop thinking about it! And ---OF COURSE-------I went into "Momma Mode" BIG TIME!

In case you didn't know---our jobs as Momma's-----is to make life perfect for all of our "Perfect Off-spring"! I have been in just that mode since we had even a glimmer that #4 might be on the way.

I have come up with the "Perfect Solution"---Camille, Henry & Little Camille will come and live with us until Adam gets out of school. It is the perfect solution--we have PLENTY of ROOM, Camille will have plenty of help, and I will be RIGHT by their side to help every step of the way. There's only one problem---ADAM--something tells me that he will not go along with this!

You do remember that Adam is the only child or spouse to EVER tell me that they would be doing it "Their Way" and ignoring my plan! The off-spring never tell me to my face they will not be following my orders---they just ignore me and do it their way without a confrontation. NOW Adam----he actually stands up to me. I LOVE IT!!! He is a GREAT sparing partner!

Well all I have to say is I am creating a pool to see when Adam will give in to Momma Lulu! Just how many sleepless nights will it take to say, "Camille, don't your miss your Mom and wouldn't you ALL like to go for a little visit?" I am not SO OLD that I have forgotten the effect NO SLEEP can have on young parents!

Medical School graduation can not come soon enough and we cannot wait to get them all back down South. In the meantime, I am trying to figure out how we are going to accomplish the move!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010


What NUT ever called retirement "Easy Street"???? I am in overdrive MOST of the time. My 12 hour drive to Albany, running a marathon, and 11 hour back (LONG STORY) were a restful weekend. I seem to meet myself coming and going and have a calendar full of "To Do's".

Some of the "To Dos" are fun times, but LOTS are work. I have been reminded by BC that most of this is self-imposed. He is correct BUT with SO many needs out there "Who can say 'No'?".

Got no time to write---need to prepare my tutoring lesson for Monday's session! Plan to chill this weekend and get back to running Monday. Definitely need the "De stressing" a good run brings!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I often get strange looks and am accused of being crazy----


The woman that I started the marathon by---runs a least a couple a month------
NOW LET'S SEE-----at least twice a month ALL YEAR ROUND--she runs 26.2 miles. I must say--the beauty of this is NO LONG TRAINING RUNS!

I finally passed "Mr. Boston" toward the end of the race---WHOPPPEEE!!---he was ----80----!

A friend recently sent me the story about the "Black Mountain Marathon" in North Carolina---they ran in a blizzard----UP over 2000 ft and then back down. They also had a "Challenge Run" at the same time---UNFORTUNATELY due to poor conditions they had to cut it to a MERE 34 miles.

I also passed an "Ultra Runner"---you know they do things like run 100 miles through Death Valley.

I didn't wear a "Red Taffeta-Lace Covered Can/Can Dress" like the girl who finished just in front of me. She gives new meaning to chafing.

I have my own brand of crazy----like running in a pair of shoes that had been causing severe pain for weeks. I started to take them off the last few miles and run sock footed and I had to be held back to not toss them into the river at the end. OH YES---that reminds me---some run the 26.2 miles barefooted---something about it being the "Natural" way to run. Give me a cushioned shoe and sock any day--my feet look bad enough as it is!


So to my younger brother who told my son that "I was a real piece of work" YOU are from the same gene pool!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Friend, Barbara, sent the lyrics to this song to me. HYSTERICAL!! I must say I plead "Not Guilty" to the talking about "Me". I am guilty as charged though when it comes to thinking about "Me". I pray about it daily!

Monday, March 8, 2010


I am happy to report that I not only finished the marathon, but also survived the marathon. I was questioning both last week before departure. I even got all my business in order and relayed to BC where things were before I left!
We had a great trip---L O N G----but great! Ivory's finishing time of 4:06 was fabulous! She ran with a pace group until the last few miles and came in right behind them. This was by far her best finish and she was very satisfied with her time.
Helen and Sonja were "THE BEST SUPPORT CREW" for this marathon. They rode around from point to point-cheering us on! It was awesome to look up and see them down the road waiting. What great friends! At one point they had gone and bought a snickers bar and passed it off to me. Sonja hobbled on her crutches around the last turn you had to make to cheer me on and tell me I was there. The funniest encounter was the time that I HEARD Sonja laughing a LONG time before I saw them. If you know Sonja, you understand what I am talking about. I know everyone in front of me thought they were there to cheer them on!
I would have NEVER been able to finish without all of the GREAT support I got from all the running buddies. They were faithful training partners and full of encouragement to the day of the race. The best thing they did ---was tell me they would and then actually pray for me during the race. The winds of those prayers powered my run.
Albany was a beautiful Southern city and the race was well organized with GREAT volunteers. They advertised the course as flat--and for the most part it was---but NOT completely. You did have some long slow up pulls. The volunteers were a mixture across age, economic and ethnic lines---and each and everyone of them were unfailingly encouraging---pushing you on to the finish line. The weather was almost perfect--29 degrees at the start and in the 60's at the finish-which is a little warm on a sunshine filled day. It was a great marathon.
I finished according to my GPS in 5:06 with 26.49 miles (that will take some explaining at a later time). My official time was 5:07--not sure why the difference. I had to stop once for a BR break and had cramps in my feet that would radiate into my lower legs the last two miles. This cause LOTS of walking those last two miles. Ivory suffered from the same malady--so who knows. My goal was 5 hours and my PR (personal record) before was 5:14. I didn't meet my goal--but I was close OH SO CLOSE.
Another check on my "Bucket List"---a marathon in my 60's.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I say, "Only in Ruston", but actually it probably is in any "Small Town, USA". I went to get my haircut this afternoon. It was a reunion of many of Camille's high school contemporaries. The guy that cuts my hair was a couple of years older than her, and his brother, who is one year older is also a barber in his shop, and then Miss Brandy, who is not only one of her friends, but also served as her companion when we were on trips a couple of times during high school. Brandy is actually # 2's age, but she and Camille became friends through church.

Now that the scene is set, we were having a great time talking faith, psychology, and various other light topics. Somehow I got off on the subject of a young man that once wanted to date Camille. BC & I taught this same young man in Sunday School and had heard his tales of exploits. When he decided he was interested in Camille, we were not exactly thrilled. We perhaps had heard far too many of his stories.

He showed up one Sunday afternoon wanting to see Camille. BC went out and told him a little story:

What if you had a car that you really loved. You took care of that car, you polished that car, you were careful with that car, you only put the best fuel in that car---you treated your car with tender loving care. One day I show up at your house and want to borrow your car, but you know how I have treated cars in the past. I drove them like a madman: I didn't take care of them; I might even leave a ding or two in them---I just didn't care for the cars--I abused and neglected them and then threw them aside for a newer model. How would you feel about me borrowing your car? The young man answered, "I wouldn't like that Mr. Bobby and I wouldn't want you using my car." BC then said, "Well that is basically how I feel about Camille---do you understand what I am saying?" The young man left and as far as I know he didn't pursue Camille anymore.

I told my story and we moved on to the next subject after discussing it a little. In about 10-15 minutes who should show up at the barber shop, but the young man that I had been discussing. OUT OF THE BLUE----I haven't seen him in years. I looked at Brandy and Russell and said "That's the ______(name withheld). THEY ROLLED & I thought Brandy was going to fall out of her chair.

Just goes to show---it is a small world and Ruston is a SMALL town.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Saturday is "M" Day----The Albany GA Snickers marathon. At this point in time, I am questioning by ability to even "finish" the run! This is the least training I have ever done in the 5 marathons I have finished the training schedule for. I did complete the requisite 22 miler---but not nearly as many miles under my belt for all the other runs. I had JUST run one 10 miler when I started the schedule. Normally we are running 10 miles on a every Saturday basis. The schedule had to be shortened by 2 weeks because we were late making a decision to run. We are down to only 2 of us with Sonja sporting a broken heel bone---NO NOT FROM RUNNING!

When I looked up the directions for our trip--it looks like A LONG DRIVE--perhaps 11-12 hours in the car. That makes for a tired body to run 26.2 miles the next day. Well ----as Momma so well put it-----We'll See!

If God pricks you Saturday AM about 9:00-10:00--that is when things will begin to get serious, you might lift up a little prayer for me. You do know that God is most interested in EACH and EVERY detail of our life? Even us crazies! Those last miles after about mile 18/19 are sheer torture, so I will need all the help I can get.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Happy N0n-Birthday to BC! A Leap Year Baby---it has always been a dilemma when to celebrate BC's birthday. This year we started on Friday and the fun continues today. I called it the "Multi-cultural Birthday". We began by eating Vietnamese Thursday night, Mexican mid-afternoon Friday, American--burgers Saturday night, Chinese Sunday mid-afternoon and tonight I will cap it off with Italian. If we have to have a birthday and get older---WHY NOT EAT OUR WAY THROUGH IT???

We went to Austin and celebrated with #1 & #2 Grands and, oh yes, their parents and uncle. It was a fast and fun weekend, but who better to celebrate with? The "Crew at the office" will cap the celebration off today with a big luncheon. According to my math, that is four + days of celebrating.

BC has always reminded me of a "Modern Day David". A man after God's own heart. He is a hard working and dedicated broker who spends long hours with his clients and the firm. He is a great Father and Grandfather who dearly loves his children and grandchildren. He makes sacrifices daily for "Their Good". He is a son who has taken on the roll of "Care-taker" for his parents during this season of declining health. He is a sweet brother to his sisters--and their number one fan. He is a friend to many and a loyal supporter of several ministries without a word of mention. He basically has put aside his own desires and dreams to take care of many. On top of all that--he is a "Snappy Dresser".

Happy Birthday, Bobby. My Birthday Blessing for you is for you to realize your dreams and have all that you deserve and desire become your reality. May God RICHLY bless you and continue to draw you as He faithfully loves you beyond all reason..