Thursday, March 4, 2010


I say, "Only in Ruston", but actually it probably is in any "Small Town, USA". I went to get my haircut this afternoon. It was a reunion of many of Camille's high school contemporaries. The guy that cuts my hair was a couple of years older than her, and his brother, who is one year older is also a barber in his shop, and then Miss Brandy, who is not only one of her friends, but also served as her companion when we were on trips a couple of times during high school. Brandy is actually # 2's age, but she and Camille became friends through church.

Now that the scene is set, we were having a great time talking faith, psychology, and various other light topics. Somehow I got off on the subject of a young man that once wanted to date Camille. BC & I taught this same young man in Sunday School and had heard his tales of exploits. When he decided he was interested in Camille, we were not exactly thrilled. We perhaps had heard far too many of his stories.

He showed up one Sunday afternoon wanting to see Camille. BC went out and told him a little story:

What if you had a car that you really loved. You took care of that car, you polished that car, you were careful with that car, you only put the best fuel in that car---you treated your car with tender loving care. One day I show up at your house and want to borrow your car, but you know how I have treated cars in the past. I drove them like a madman: I didn't take care of them; I might even leave a ding or two in them---I just didn't care for the cars--I abused and neglected them and then threw them aside for a newer model. How would you feel about me borrowing your car? The young man answered, "I wouldn't like that Mr. Bobby and I wouldn't want you using my car." BC then said, "Well that is basically how I feel about Camille---do you understand what I am saying?" The young man left and as far as I know he didn't pursue Camille anymore.

I told my story and we moved on to the next subject after discussing it a little. In about 10-15 minutes who should show up at the barber shop, but the young man that I had been discussing. OUT OF THE BLUE----I haven't seen him in years. I looked at Brandy and Russell and said "That's the ______(name withheld). THEY ROLLED & I thought Brandy was going to fall out of her chair.

Just goes to show---it is a small world and Ruston is a SMALL town.


Anonymous said...

Coincidence? I think not. :)
Very little in this life is 'out of the blue.'

Anonymous said...

That is TOO FUNNY!!!!

I got to spend part of Sunday with sweet Brandy. She came to church with us so she could see the girls and came over for lunch afterwards.

She is one of a kind---the Lord did good when he made her!

Luh Ya!!! Will be praying tomorrow--I PROMISE!!! Goosie

The Tylers said...

That is so true about Ruston!!!! Love it! My high school boyfriend lived in the same neighborhood as us before we moved last summer and just discovered on FB he is moving around the corner from us...Ruston!

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Cynthia said...

Wow! So typical! And Brandi is one of a glad God brought us back to Ruston at the same time!