Monday, March 1, 2010


Happy N0n-Birthday to BC! A Leap Year Baby---it has always been a dilemma when to celebrate BC's birthday. This year we started on Friday and the fun continues today. I called it the "Multi-cultural Birthday". We began by eating Vietnamese Thursday night, Mexican mid-afternoon Friday, American--burgers Saturday night, Chinese Sunday mid-afternoon and tonight I will cap it off with Italian. If we have to have a birthday and get older---WHY NOT EAT OUR WAY THROUGH IT???

We went to Austin and celebrated with #1 & #2 Grands and, oh yes, their parents and uncle. It was a fast and fun weekend, but who better to celebrate with? The "Crew at the office" will cap the celebration off today with a big luncheon. According to my math, that is four + days of celebrating.

BC has always reminded me of a "Modern Day David". A man after God's own heart. He is a hard working and dedicated broker who spends long hours with his clients and the firm. He is a great Father and Grandfather who dearly loves his children and grandchildren. He makes sacrifices daily for "Their Good". He is a son who has taken on the roll of "Care-taker" for his parents during this season of declining health. He is a sweet brother to his sisters--and their number one fan. He is a friend to many and a loyal supporter of several ministries without a word of mention. He basically has put aside his own desires and dreams to take care of many. On top of all that--he is a "Snappy Dresser".

Happy Birthday, Bobby. My Birthday Blessing for you is for you to realize your dreams and have all that you deserve and desire become your reality. May God RICHLY bless you and continue to draw you as He faithfully loves you beyond all reason..


Lorena G. Sims said...

"Multi-cultural Birthday"
That is one of a kind celebration. I bit you guys had lots of fun...I think it's nice to have a leaf year birthday because you get to choose what day or days you want to celebrate your birthday.

Ann Miller said...

happy birthday, uncle bobby!! you are loved by many, including me!

Marylou said...

I remember when Cam & I were kids and used to think it was so funny that he was only turning "12." :) Happy Birthday and eating through it is the only way to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Simply celebrate it this way: He was born one day after Feb. 28, so celebrate it then, whatever the calendar calls it!