Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Saturday is "M" Day----The Albany GA Snickers marathon. At this point in time, I am questioning by ability to even "finish" the run! This is the least training I have ever done in the 5 marathons I have finished the training schedule for. I did complete the requisite 22 miler---but not nearly as many miles under my belt for all the other runs. I had JUST run one 10 miler when I started the schedule. Normally we are running 10 miles on a every Saturday basis. The schedule had to be shortened by 2 weeks because we were late making a decision to run. We are down to only 2 of us with Sonja sporting a broken heel bone---NO NOT FROM RUNNING!

When I looked up the directions for our trip--it looks like A LONG DRIVE--perhaps 11-12 hours in the car. That makes for a tired body to run 26.2 miles the next day. Well ----as Momma so well put it-----We'll See!

If God pricks you Saturday AM about 9:00-10:00--that is when things will begin to get serious, you might lift up a little prayer for me. You do know that God is most interested in EACH and EVERY detail of our life? Even us crazies! Those last miles after about mile 18/19 are sheer torture, so I will need all the help I can get.


SND said...

You have done your training and you are peaking at the right timing. Will be thinking and praying for you and Ivory to do the very best that you can. We are so proud of both of you!!

The Tylers said...

Glad you reminded us! Wishing you the very best!! I know you will do GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

YOU KNOW that I will be praying for both you and Ivory. I so admire the training you have put in for this....I truly believe you are more than ready for this run.

You all be safe driving---get a good night's sleep---and KICK SOME BUTT!!!! I'll probably be working Saturday morning playing catch up from being off so you will be in my mind, on my heart, and I'll be lifting you up, sweet buddy!
Luy Ya!!

Anonymous said...

Well, no one told me it was the SNICKERS marathon. That could've been an incentive to run for me! I'm sure you'll both do great! Be safe.

Chrome Cowgirl