Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I had a stark reminder today that no matter what crisis or trouble you have in your life-there is ALWAYS someone with a "Worse Story". I took Mr. C. to the doctor today for a little "Maintenance Work". While there I had a great "Catch Up" with an Old Friend and one of the two readers of my blog. (The Other Being My Daughter).

She commented on my scarce blogging, but then asked about Mr. Armadillo. I told her the story of coming up with a brilliant plan to keep him out of our garden. I found a fence that I have installed at each end of the garden entrance. It actually is a cute fence and is only about 18'' high, but just enough to keep the "Devil" out of the garden. My friend and Master Gardener, Susan told me that the Dillo's are creatures of habit and come back to the same place over and over. It stands to reason that if I can break the habit-I may be home free. I was delighted to tell DeeDee that I had solved my problem and had not suffered any more "Dillo Holes".

Dee Dee then proceeded to tell me the story of the skunk that parked himself below her bedroom window for several hours last night-INCLUDING spraying after something spooked it. OK-SHE WINS! We have an occasional skunk pass through, but the spraying has always been at a distance-I AM HAPPY TO REPORT! This reminds me of the old saying used during pre-puberty grossness- THE YELLER IS THE SMELLER! I am certain that needs no explanation.

When BC was coming home after dark last night, he had a gray fox cross in front of the car lights. While running, I have had a red fox cross the road in the daytime in front of me (VERY STRANGE-they are nocturnal), but have never seen a gray fox. HERE ONE IS RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE!

WE TRULY LIVE IN THE WOODS!!!! It is a blessing!


The Tylers said...

We had a skunk live under our first house in Benton...he would "poot" ever so often and it was AAAWFUL! It was one of the MANY eye-opening moments while living out in the country:)! Oh,and we also had a rat in our attic who would scratch to get out from about 2-4 each morning right above my head until we could catch him. Fun times!

gabe said...

What about the rest of us loyal readers?

cece said...

Ye of little faith...I agree with your son:)