Friday, January 29, 2010


Now we are required to be joyful by The Scriptures, but some days-weeks-it is a little tougher than others. I chose to find the humor in life when it is difficult to rise to "Joyful".

I found out before Camille and Henry were to arrive that I needed to have surgery---an outpatient procedure after "Suspicious" test results. When I went to the surgeon-and she made this pronouncement---I began the old "LET'S MAKE A DEAL". It turned out that she was a little more assertive than the last doctor I ordered around.

At first I told her that I was training for a marathon and would prefer to wait until it was over. When she asked the date, that was a "NO". I then told her that my daughter and #3 grand were coming for two weeks and I wanted to enjoy my time with them. She agreed to the over 2 week wait. Ok-so I did get some concession!

Monday this week was the day with my arrival time of 6:30. Since I ran my long cut back run on Sunday-this meant that I had the training day off. The surgeon told me I could run as soon as I felt like it. OHHHHH--they are SO crafty with their choice of words!

I took my I shuffle and entertained myself with getting all the nurse's social histories. I love to listen to people's stories! After an hour an half wait, the doctor comes walking into "The Bullpen"---you know the holding area where they park you in surgery. They have me in this little room with the curtains all pulled around so she could mark me up for the surgery. She walks in with a magic marker and puts a R on my right shoulder. GREAT--she knows which side--but no other marks!

They roll me back to surgery. Now without getting too graphic---I know that I am about to be "Exposed" for who I am. EVERY NURSE in the room is a man!!! GOOD GRIEF--put me asleep--this is embarrassing! I stay awake while they put me on this table that is the width of a small diving board. It occurs to me that some might "drape" over the sides when they are slid over. They all laugh when I ask the question and talk about securing some of the patients for this very reason. They then strap your arm down and put this HUGE strap across your mid-section. I assume they don't want you jumping up and running out. I announce that the last time I was strapped down like this it involved a big baby with a huge head. Again they think this is just hilarious. They keep putting this mask on my face and saying breath deep and I keep taking it off to say one more thing. They FINALLY had their way with me.

The next thing I know they are waking me up and saying I am the only patient left and they want to go home and I need to wake up. The nurse tells me the doctor is on her way---so perhaps I need to get my wits about me enough to remember what she says later. My throat is sore and I am SORE all over--but not as sore as I will be the next two days. I think those men most have used me for a volley ball and hit me back and forth across that tiny table. I have been less sore after a marathon! It seems they had a difficult time getting the tube down my throat. Now I know you will be astonished to learn that I have a small mouth-throat. The side of the back of my mouth is scraped and raw-probably from a failed attempt.

BC picks me up and I go home and sleep the rest of the afternoon. He comes home and feeds me supper before going back to work and I am finally awake. Surprisingly I remember pretty much everything the doctor told me. A miracle considering my state of consciousness!

The next morning I get up and try to run. Sonja runs slowly with me and I make 2 1/2 miles before giving up. I have taken the rest of the week off --trying to rest and heal before my LONG run tomorrow.

As I said, some weeks it pays to find the humor in life and consider that joy!

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