Sunday, September 13, 2009


I have done a lot of thinking lately about blogging. I have talked this over with Camille, who also blogs, and have decided it is time to take a break and carefully consider the time spent and the purpose of my blog. One of the many questions that has surfaced is would I be better served journaling. All to say-I will not be blogging for now and perhaps permanently.

Thank you to all that have read and commented.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Next Saturday our running group will participate in the Annual Race For The Cure. We don't normally run in 5K races. We seem to have become "Distance Snobs" preferring longer races which require endurance. We count it a privilege to run in this 5K though.
This picture is from last year's race. We all ran in honor of not only our running buddy, Lisa pictured on the left, but MANY friends and family that have been affected by breast cancer. Since last year's race Lisa is doing great and has been recently promoted to Principle of one of the local schools. Two of the others that we ran in honor of have had a recurrence. Not the news we had hoped for.
As I grow older, more of my friends and family have been directly impacted with this cancer. I have even lost dear sweet friends when they lost their long battles. The treatment that is endured by the many suffering is NOT for the faint of heart. It takes a STRONG and COURAGEOUS WOMAN to fight the good fight.
During this week, consider making a donation to the cause of finding "The Cure". I would LOVE during my lifetime to see those diagnosed not living in fear and dread, but knowing that with treatment their lives stretch before them.

Friday, September 11, 2009


As I was driving back from Texas yesterday, I did a great deal of thinking about Heaven. I came home to find this music video in my email. If you don't know the story, Steven lost his daughter in a tragic accident last year. I am certain the lyrics were from his broken heart.

I will post again on the subject and give you my thoughts during my alone time-but for now-I leave you with this.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I took Henry and Camille to Weatherford yesterday to The Jennings. I spent the night and headed home today. They will fly out tomorrow on their way back to Erie. Our house is like a morgue. AND THAT'S ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Henry met all the "Cousins" at the annual James Family Reunion. A fun time was had by all-especially the "Little Cousins".

Mom Trying To Prepare Henry
Poppa Bob Expounding On A Little Family Bias
Cousin Ann and Cousin Audrey -Henry looks like his cheeks are squished

Cousin Emma Cheesing It Up

Another Pic of Cousin Audrey

Cousin Jack-THANK GOODNESS he came since my first cousins Caleb & Cade Didn't Come To Protect Me From ALL of those Girl Cousins

Sisters and Cousins Ann & Adrian

Uncle Robbie Terrorizing His Grandchildren In The Jump Around

5 First Cousins From Two To Five Years Of Age

Sunday, September 6, 2009


After a fun reunion with all of my James cousins yesterday, I went visiting today.
Pappaw Conville & Aunt Kathy

Aunt Nancy

We came home and my Mom played a beautiful concert for me.
I like listening to the music and feeling the vibrations on the floor.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Henry is paying his first visit to Ruston! Flying from Erie to DFW-he spent a couple of days with Texas grandparents and then came to Ruston Wednesday.
He has been the center of attention since he arrived making several visits around town and just chilling with Poppa Bob, Momma Lulu and Uncle Gabe.

I thought Uncle Gabe how to make this face!

Momma Lulu can push the ceral down the hatch FAST!

Wish you could hear the sound effects while he is inhaling his supper!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


We should all feel VERY sorry for the armadillo! His days are numbered as Babs is on a "Death Watch". She sent another E mail and I had to share:

One night I even got the baby monitor and set it in a crepe myrtle by his favorite bush. I fixed a bucket right beside it so that it would fall if he came scouting, and I would hear it through the monitor (with the receiver set by the bed). However, when Cecil heard thunder during the night, he woke me up, and I had to bring the monitor in. I might have had a hard time explaining to the kids why this device got wet hanging outside in the tree. Of course, this varmint made his rounds after I moved the monitor.

Part II You know how hard it is for me function without sleep. Well, last night, I did hourly checks of the yard armed with my shovel, flashlight, and cell phone. I slept off and on in the recliner between my hunts until 5:00 this morning. That pesky creature must have gotten the word that I was mad and looking for him because he did not show up. WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE:ONE OR MORE ARMADILLOS TEARING AND ROOTING UP MY YARD. A $50.00 REWARD IS BEING OFFERED.

I am looking forward to posting a picture of Babs & Her Varmint-feet pointed toward the sky!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I LOVE my buddies! They all make me know my craziness is OK-because they all tend to be crazy also. In the picture above, Babs is seated. She is the "Typical Southern Belle". She loves to cook, loves to shop, loves to decorate, and has one of the "Greenest Thumbs" I have ever seen. My attempts at gardening appear futile when I take a stroll through her yard. I had a discussion with Sonja, another fellow gardener, about the Devil On Short Legs that we all seemed to be plagued with this year. She was not happy with all of the destruction and havoc you are greeted with every morning either. Then I got the following email from Babs last night and asked would she be my "Guest Blogger" today. I am sure after you read it-you will realize perhaps I have not gone over the edge-but have a "Real Beef" with Mr. Dillo. If you read and don't laugh-something is wrong with you! I CRACKED UP!

I am really sick of the armadillo and his destruction. EVERY night he makes his rounds in the flowers beds and his rooting has gotten deeper and more extensive. I spend 20-30 min. a day crawling under bushes to fill in his holes and get the pine straw back in place; I usually finish with mosquito bites all over my legs and arms. I have tried replanting the caladium bulbs, but that bed looks like it has mange.

I have spread 5 boxes of moth balls in the flower beds, and all that did is make our house smell like grandma’s closet. I even found moth balls in some of his rooted holes.

I have set a trap in his favorite spot and he avoids that spot. I have moved the trap at least 10 times, and he may root around it, but he never goes in. Last night I tried peanut butter in the trap and I almost caught the cat.

Matt came over at 1:00 one night, and all he saw was a possum leaving the yard.

I have trouble staying awake, but tonight I am going to set the alarm for every hour after 11:00. I have tried making rounds before then, and he must be a late riser because he doesn’t come that early.

Last year Mom told me to hit him with a shovel if I saw him, but I knew then that I couldn’t do it. After a year of my elusive, nocturnal, destructive beast, I have changed my view. I will beat the sucker until he looks like roadkill. If I am successful, I will move on to your house with my beast killing abilities.

Wish me luck.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It is NOT easy keeping up appearances-once you reach a certain age! I know when I step out of the door that this "natural" look appears effortless-BUT! Let me give you the sequence of the day that leads to "A La Naturale":

Beginning of the day: a 3 step skin regime for the face-with 5 minutes between each step. That is BEFORE you begin applying makeup.

Soak my feet for 5-10 minutes-per dermatologist and then apply cream

Showering with liberal use of a razor-following with sunless tanning cream-followed by moisturizer.


The fun part comes at night:

Remove the day's make up (the part that remains after a good workout full of sweat).

Another foot soak and cream application.

A scalp massage with lotion recommended by dermatologist (she obviously has NO LIFE).

The face regime with another 3 steps .

The lash application to promote growth.

MANY days another shower (remember I work out A LOT) with more application of moisturizer.

None of this begins to enumerate the hours of exercise SIX days a week!

After all that though-----the results are so worth it! I LOVE THE NATURAL LOOK!